June 16, 2022


We are happy to announce that Skriptor Zigila and the University of Extremadura, in Badajoz and Cáceres, Spain, are finalizing the details for a linguistic collaboration! Dr. Carolina P. Amador Moreno is one of our many linguistic experts in the world that helps us do what we love. We have worked in various linguistic projects where she has consulted us with sharp, and accurate reviews in Spanish.

This is exciting news for us. We will support and have the possibility to hold meetings, talk about our job, and inspire the upcoming generations of linguists. As we all know, university studies are not only about sitting in a classroom listening to professors. It’s about growing. This will be held together with other companies and professionals in the field. Together, the project will give students of the University of Extremadura the possibility to understand why different languages are necessary for the business world, and how they can be used successfully in a connected globe. This will also let students participate in debates, gain deeper understanding of English and other languages, as well as being part of a big forum of like-minded people. We believe that this is where ideas grow.

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