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Skriptor Zigila,  say what?

When our naming agencies merged, we needed to create a new name for ourselves. The mother of all brand names it would be. But we also acknowledged that naming isn’t a regular activity. For this reason, we chose effectiveness over creativity and merged our existing and well-known names.  It is a bit complex in use, but also very distinctive. Most importantly it works. And that is what naming is all about.


Naming Strategy
Develop naming and portfolio strategy based on your business objectives and dynamics.
Explore all relevant naming options in an interactive process that will produce the best name for your brand.
Pharma Naming
Benefit from 40 years of experience in the complex art of pharmaceutical naming for industry leaders.
Linguistic Screening
Prevent language disasters by screening names in more than 60 languages.
Legal Research
Protect your naming choice and make sure there is no infringement on existing trademarks.
Naming Implementation
Ensure long term effectiveness of the solutions with guidelines, procedures and direct support.


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January 30, 2024
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