Because every project is unique,
we can create names and solutions tailored to your needs

Naming Strategy

Our insights across industries and companies enable us to design practical naming strategies and build effective brand portfolios.

First, we develop different branding scenario's for review. Based on progressive insights, we shape a holistic solution together that optimally fits your objectives. This can be a complex puzzle, but in the end your naming strategy simply needs to work: support the business strategy, the commercial objectives, the nature of the brand, portfolio development, customer navigation and communication.

The universal objective: maximize the leverage of your investments and support long-term value creation.


In an interactive process, we explore all naming options and create names that are relevant to your case. The names in every project are developed by a diverse international creative team, alongside with legal and linguistic screenings. We use your feedback in our naming process to perfect the solution. In this way, we craft a strong name together. One that optimally fits all conditions, drives your business, with buy-in from all stakeholders.

The final name shouldn’t just say what you do, it should say who you are. It is your most long term marketing tool - a strategic decision.

Pharma Naming

Skriptor Zigila is known for its in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. From legal to regulatory, to being recognized by target groups, to safety clearance. Every step needs to be seamlessly integrated. With 40 years of experience working for industry leaders, we understand this process from start to finish.

True creativity by our diverse international team in combination with the unique industry insight of our experts will clear hurdles and provide a strong branding platform for your product, approved by the regulatory authorities.

Linguistic Screening

Unwanted meanings, associations or connotations can limit your brand’s success and longevity. Let our own International network of trained native linguists screen your favorite name candidates and see what they think. You can choose between two types of linguistic screenings in more than 60 languages:

• Linguistic Evaluation for a more in-depth screening if you have one or two candidates

• Linguistic Review for a disaster check if you have many candidates

Legal Screening

Your freedom to operate and protection of economic value is tied to the strength of your trademark. Issues in this field can be frustrating and above all costly. We integrate legal screenings step by step in every naming process to identify possible infringement risks in an early stage and prevent dead ends.

For the in-depth research and guidance, we co-operate closely with top class trademark specialists. Our own partners or yours.

Naming Implementation

Your new name or portfolio naming strategy has to come to life. As a naming agency, we provide clear guidance on how these solutions can be optimally implemented. In larger International portfolio’s, we also provide training and continuous strategic and creative support as a strategic partner.

For the development of visual identity and digital brand elements, we co-operate with highly recommended experts. We can provide a selection of partners and create an integrated team, tailored to your needs and budget.

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