Skriptor Zigila

Multiple locations, nationalities, and backgrounds, one team,
a result of our connected, diverse world.

Who We Are

In 2017 Skriptor and Zigila, the leading naming agencies in Scandinavia and the Benelux, merged, to create The European Naming Agency.  We united in our passion for innovation and naming. Each project, regardless of it’s size, is unique, and welcomed with the same focus, dedication and enthusiasm. Our experienced international team works through offices in Sweden, one of the most innovative countries in the world, and the Netherlands, a vibrant International business hub, with representation in the US.

Close co-operation, fun and results, that is what it’s all about.



The rapidly changing world. The speed of innovation. Versatile human emotions and interests. We are aware and take these into account to provide the best to our clients, teams, and partners.  


It’s in our nature to be thorough in our work. We take pride in our craft. That’s why we keep going until we have found the best possible solution.   


Creativity is the essence of our existence. No case is the same. Only with inventive curious minds can we deliver.


We love what we do and love to share our passions. Being open and to-the-point comes natural to us. In the end it is all about people, real people.   

The Core Team

Joachim ter Haar

Managing Partner
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Joachim is the Managing Partner responsible for the Amsterdam office, and Chief Strategist of Skriptor Zigila. His enthusiasm and energy is what makes Joachim seek out new business opportunities and approach every new project with the same passion and curiosity from start to finish. 

With a background in international marketing and advertising working as International Brand Director for Bols RemyCointreau, as Client Service Director for TBWA, and years of experience with branding cases in every industry, he can identify the core of the most complex cases quickly and provide solutions that are logical and practical. 

In 2007, he and three partners founded Beachclub Culpepper near his home in Scheveningen. He is still one of the owners and loves to hang out there.  

Kristina Björnerstedt

Managing Partner
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Kristina is the Managing Partner responsible for the Stockholm office, and Chief Pharma, and Creative Director of Skriptor Zigila. Her solution-oriented and fun nature is always looking for improvements in and out of the company, as well as in naming projects where exciting challenges arise. 

Throughout the years, Kristina has been involved in many projects, ranging from brand naming to pharma product naming, both internationally and domestically. Her experience is vast and an appreciated asset that gives clarity and insight going into every new project.

Ignacio Valderas

Head of Marketing
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Ignacio is the Head of Marketing and Communications, and Creative at Skriptor Zigila. His innate ability to understand and find creative solutions is highly appreciated in projects, and one of his biggest fortes.

Although being the youngest in the team, Ignacio has managed and been part of projects of all sizes and in most markets, ranging from education to finance to pharmaceutical.

Mike Fisher

Linguistic & Branding Coordinator (US)
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Mike Fisher is the Linguistic & Branding Coordinator in the US Market. He is excellent at identifying problems and solving these with his analytical abilities.

As a native New Yorker and long-time Chicagoan–Mike loves seeking out the best pizza wherever he goes.

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