When the Swedish telecom monopoly was incorporated, the name Televerket needed to be changed. The scribe's task was to provide name suggestions within the specified framework. The name must be internationally valid, even from a legal perspective, but must not imply any connection to the state. It would rather have a friendly, human sound, rather than something technical. One requirement was to try names that contained the element "tel". Scriptor first searched trademark registers in a large number of countries to look at the use of this element, so as to avoid "look-alikes". Skriptor then generated a list of 500 names and selected 50 names from that list. The last selection made by Televerket contained five names: Telaris, Telesta, Telia, Svetel and Svetelia. Two of these were Skriptor's proposals: Telesta and Telia. The name proposals underwent legal investigations all over the world and at the same time pronunciations, associations, text samples, etc. were investigated in several countries and in several languages. Telia proved to have several advantages from both a linguistic and legal perspective. Telia is found in Gustav Vasa's bible from 1541 with the meaning “to tell; to tell”, which gives an extra point to the name.

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