February 8, 2024

TreeToTextile - Nyense™ and Nyvado™

It's always exciting to be a part of new markets and worlds, especially when the client is so enthusiastic. A while ago, we were contacted by TreeToTextile to help the company find two names for their bio-based and resource efficient fiber made from cellulose. This new generation of fiber has a low environmental footprint and can be used in both textiles and non-woven, perfect to serve as an alternative or complementary material to cotton, viscose and polyester. Going into the name creation, we had value words like innovation, sustainable, renewable, nature and game-changer. These were great sources of inspiration, which we explored with the naming group.

Both Nyense™ and Nyvado™ were created with the prefix Ny-, an allusion to Nymölla, the location of the company's Demo plant, and of course a connection to innovation (new in Swedish), the new generation of MMCF (man-made cellulosic fiber).  In Nyense™, we also find the suffix for science - "A new scientifically developed textile fiber", while in Nyvado™, we find Vado from the Latin go or advance - "A new fiber advancing the nonwoven market".

We are excited to see TreeToTextile continue their journey forward and wish them the best of luck!

Visit their new website for more information about the fibers and brands.

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