June 16, 2022


The brief we received from Candidator DGC was straight-forward and honest; they wanted to create an IT-company that puts the customer first, with focus on camaraderie and humanity. The desire to become confident leaders led to the conclusion that the name had to be strong and ‘sticky’. Arouse eagerness, curiosity, and be energetic. We at Skriptor Zigila thought that this was an excellent way to go — we have a say in our offices: “A brand shouldn’t tell what it does; it should tell who it is”. The naming project provided a good and fun challenge, and the name list had a big variation of names to pinpoint different possible directions to go. IVER is boldness and passion for IT and customers, collected under one brand. The short name is ideal, as Iver is easy to communicate, to use in everyday life, and to remember in the future.

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