June 16, 2022


Former Svensk Teknik- och Designföretagen thought for a long time about rebranding the association. For too long, the general feeling was that the industry organization was not attractive enough. A rebranding strategy does not happen overnight, and many details must fall into place to make it work, especially if the goal is to be bigger.

We often hear that the name does not matter, that its meaning is exaggerated in the long run. Frankly, if someone thinks that the name is what will turn around the numbers, you are most likely looking under the wrong stone. The name should be so obvious that, in theory, it should not be questioned. It should arouse attention and interest without being insensitive. Of course, one should reserve oneself for complicated names, but the idea is that the name should merge with the identity. However, the feeling that the name feels outdated, limiting or perhaps not suitable anymore may come one day. By rebranding or changing the name, it can signal change, and depending on how the market perceives the company, also indicate improvement. In many cases, a name change is not something a company should go through unless it is absolutely necessary for the strategy or future vision to play out as intended.

In this project, a name change was one of the first steps in the right direction to reach a common goal. With values ​​such as ‘solutions’, ‘community building’, ‘knowledge’, ‘innovation’, ‘design’, ‘creativity’, ‘sustainability’, etc., there were naturally many ideas to explore. We discussed many different options: independent names, completely distanced from the architectural and engineering industry, could be one way to create their own oasis. We also discussed associative names, as they give a sense of not being too deeply rooted in industry and work organizations. After a while, the naming group agreed that, despite the majority of interesting proposals, it was necessary to maintain something along the lines of ‘descriptive’ names. A strategic route, as it was important to be clear and concise in this part of the business. As part of Almega, it can also be confusing when two abstract names are placed next to each other – it could cause confusion, thinking that it’s a product or service offered by Almega.

Innovationsföretagen became the final name; the tool to create stronger stories and a better service sector.

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