June 16, 2022


Corkeen is a new climate-friendly cork-based material that makes playgrounds fun and softer to play. It combines the best of the practical and fall-resistant rubber asphalt with the non-toxic and environmentally friendly sand, bark and wood chips – a revolution for playground surfaces.
Many of today’s fall protection materials contains plastic and rubber granules that disappear from the playground and end up in nature. Corkeen Play consists of cork, which reduces the spread of microplastics.

When Skriptor Zigila worked in the process of finding a suitable name for this product, the brief we receieved included keywords such as nature, joy, cork, climate friendly. But what caught our attention a little extra was the phrase “the name should also invite to activity” and hence it came to the composition of “cork” and “keen” (eager, enthusiastic) which became Corkeen. The name is also easy to pronounce and can easily be understood in an international market.

Together, the components make a revolution for the playground base of the future.

Visit their site https://corkeen.se/

In 2015, we helped Nordic Surface with the trademark name to their first product, Tilemark.

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