June 16, 2022


During the hottest period of last summer, we had the pleasure to work with Greatness PR to find a new identity for former Palantir. The Swedish company offers a digital platform for tax and legal. With over 30 years of experience, Blika has developed modern solutions for managing head office data and implemented tailored-made systems for companies to stay compliant to tax regulations. To collect, structure, analyse and present all head office data has never been easier.

As always, we at Skriptor Zigila were part of the naming creation. It was a fun and exciting project to create a name that fitted the company’s ambitions. The name BLIKA means to “shine through” in old Swedish – a perfect way to describe the on-going modernization of tax and legal. BLIKA is a trustworthy name that breathes authority, two much needed attributes for when entering the global market.

For more info, visit https://blika.com/

Want to know more about naming? Contact us at naming@skriptorzigila.com

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