June 16, 2022


NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB changes its name to Abliva AB. The change to Abliva AB follows the new corporate strategy focusing on primary mitochondrial disease. In this area, we have two promising development programs aimed at addressing major unfilled medical needs in patients with primary mitochondrial disease.

‘After an extended name journey, both internally and externally with challenges both from legal and linguistic aspects, we have now hit a home run. When we sent out a message about the change of name, there has only been positive feedback and the perception is that it is a good name in nice packaging.

We thought it was a fun process to find the new name and after some setbacks along the way, it feels really nice that we can finally start using our new name. Thanks for the help! ‘” says Catharina Jz Johansson, CFO at Abliva AB.

We are happy that we could find a nice name with the right feeling to it that was possible to trademark together with the naming group. Creating names for the medical industry is often difficult as there are many laws and restrictions to take into consideration.

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Learn more about mitochondrial disease by watching this video.

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