September 12, 2023

FuraCore® by Stora Enso: innovative FDCA process for bio-based plastics

FuraCore® by Stora Enso is an innovative FDCA process that is replacing fossil-based plastics. Since plastic is lightweight, transparent, and good protection, the search for a renewable alternative that eliminates all of its environmental problems. Going into this project, we were briefed about Stora Enso’s latest innovative solution. By using the key building block of Furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), a naturally occurring organic compound, it is possible to make bio-based plastics like PEF. This monomer can also be a component in various applications, allowing other manufacturers to adopt sustainable practices.

As in the project for Papira® by Stora Enso, we kept it simple by integrating core elements and values to create something unique, but very recognizable for the industry. Using the prefix of Furandicarboxylic in combination with ‘core’ created a well-balanced name with purpose and clarity. The name FuraCore was the perfect fit. It just made sense.

We are once again happy for Stora Enso!

Read more about its story here.

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