September 12, 2023

Sightic - AI-based Software for Substance Testing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) started being discussed as early as in the 1950s and has since been portrayed in all sorts of ways. But smart, automated solutions can now be found everywhere - in industries, cars and grocery stores being a few examples. In recent years, the development has evolved rapidly, and one of the latest topics of conversation has been the various communication possibilities by AI, especially with OpenGPT.

Eyescanner contacted us about their upcoming challenges. With an AI-based software that detects substance use via image analysis of the eye area, companies and authorities became interested, as the software can be implemented in different types of hardware, e.g., mobile phones or vehicles. Their innovative solutions to a major security problem eventually needed greater and broader legal registration. With new markets such as Europe and the US, the team talked about the importance of making the new company name feel and sound trustworthy, credible and secure.

The name Sightic merges the word 'sight' with a subtle hint of AI when pronounced out loud. A made-up inflection that is both distinct, natural and gives the feeling of a high-tech solution that everyone can rely on.

We wish the Sightic team the very best of luck!

Visit Sightic Analytics website for more information.

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