September 27, 2023

Rivean Capital - Private Equity Invigorated

Gilde Buy Out Partners, a European mid-market private equity firm based in the Netherlands, is rebranding as Rivean Capital.

The firm's team and strategy remain unchanged. It has additional offices in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and €3 billion of assets under management.

It is one of the most established private equity firms in Europe. The new name was adopted in 2022  as a reflection of the forward momentum of the organization and a view towards the future.

The leadership of Rivean and its core value proposition remain unchanged, invigorated for this new chapter in its history.


The name was inspired by the concept of a river, a continuous source of progress and prosperity. It indirectly relates to the heritage of the company, founded in Utrecht, one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands on the Rhine.

The name was developed in close co-operation with Total Design  and Darien Group.

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