October 2, 2023

Glenta - Procurator's New Cleaning Brand

Glenta is Procurator’s new cleaning brand. As experts in hygiene and cleaning products, the new cleaning products will offer smart and sustainable solutions for small and large businesses.

With focus on core values such as environment, sustainability, quality, efficiency, knowledge and circular thinking, many ideas were explored to create a wide range of name suggestions, and then work our way to what would become Glenta. The original word is based on the Swedish word 'glänta', meaning an opening or oasis in the forest. A nice and natural connection to the brand's important values. The new spelling opens for an international feel that works in different languages and markets, while keeping its Nordic connection.

We are happy that the collaboration with the naming group was so successful and wish Glenta and Procurator all the best on their journey.

Visit Glenta here.

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