September 12, 2023

Enabla - The Future of Access Cards

RCO Security is a company that develops, manufactures, and sells services and products in the field of guarding and security systems. With a wide range of smart and secure solutions, we were given the opportunity to work in an exciting project for their latest management system. The new cloud-based system includes software, hardware, and services, and to find a suitable name the project team had to describe its value proposition and how other competitors choose to name their services and products. One of the challenges was to find short, descriptive names, without any cumbersome elements or long-winded connections. Just a name that simply fits the bill.

ENABLA ticked all the boxes: access, security, functionality, smartness, and ease of use. With the user in focus, the new future-proof system is tailored for the next generation, with cloud solutions, security updates, and improved interface.

We at Skriptor Zigila are happy to have worked with the team from RCO Security.

More info about Enabla can be found here.

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