September 12, 2023

DeliQ - Quality Products for Takeaway and Catering

In an industry like takeaway and catering, the demands have become increasingly stringent over the years. Quality, and above all, sustainability are two of the most important aspects. We had the opportunity to work with PAC (part of OptiGroup) to develop a name for their new range that meets today's requirements. Initially, there were many sources of inspiration that after a few turns were funneled down to the core of the project. With keywords such as stability, quality, sustainability, circularity and knowledge, the naming group finally found a theme that felt particularly relevant.

DELIQ was an excellent choice for PAC's story - Q stands for Quality, Deli stands for Delicious, Delicate or Deliver. Together, DeliQ becomes a name of shared values, and adapted to enjoy meals safely.

You can find the DeliQ range at PAC, visit their Swedish website here.

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