September 12, 2023

Damax™ - Next Generation of Premium Damascus Knife Steel

The next generation of premium Damascus knife steel is called Damax™ and it’s produced by Alleima. Their innovative technique makes it possible for the first time to produce Damascus steel on an industrial scale, with its aesthetically pleasing look and the same high quality handicraft knife steel. A production that is cost-efficient with repeatable quality.

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to work with sharp products. In this special occasion, we set out to find suitable naming lines that could work well in different languages and fit the intended purpose. Together with the naming group, this was fine-tuned along the way. The word DAMAX is crafted with balance in mind; easy to recognize and understand, with a distinct sharpness. Inspired by its beautiful pattern of waves, the stem used is damas, meaning watered in Arabic, and in combination with max, as in the highest or furthest, it becomes a word with many linguistic layers, just like the stainless steel itself.

We wish Alleima all the best!

Visit their site for more info.

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