September 12, 2023

Arelion - Formerly Telia Carrier

Our day to day lives are sometimes taken for granted. We simply turn on our devices and connect ourselves to the world. News, music, and social media – we are always just one click away from the next experience. This is a truly connected world, but what holds it all together?

ARELION is the leading light in global connectivity. For three decades, they have been building the backbone of the Internet and redefining connectivity as it reshapes our world. Formerly Telia Carrier, the company is now embarking on a new chapter as an independent company, with a new brand. As part of this very exciting project, we worked to find a suitable name that would match the ambitions of a market leader in a truly global market. Different themes and elements were scrutinized, in several languages, including American English, Nordic, Latin, and Greek, to identify interesting names that would evoke compelling association with the company’s values, ambitions and strong legacy in the marketplace.

So, what’s so special about the name Arelion? The name finds its origins in the English adjective ‘reliable’– to be trustworthy and credible. Its strong frame and appearance are well balanced and the result of careful consideration. Furthermore, an association with Aldebaran, Orion, and Sirius – a few strong and beautiful stars – creates a natural connection to light, a core element of Arelion’s new visual identity, and a world without limitations. The word lion is also an additional component that was chosen to strengthen the position of the brand.


Visit Arelion here.

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