Arla Foods is the largest dairy company in Sweden. There are more than 400 brands in the Arla Group. Today, Kelda is one of the most well-known brands in Sweden - in all categories! As far back as 1986, Skriptor created the name Kelda for a line of healthy products that Arla planned to launch. "Kelda" is Old Norse, the language of the Vikings, and means "source", which is also the meaning in modern Icelandic today. The name was created in a process for healthy film milk such as bifilus and acidophilus, but Arla decided to invest in a more generic product line for these products. Then Kelda was suggested for a mineral water, but in the end, it became the main proposal for a cream with a long shelf life. After several different consumer tests, there were two name suggestions left - Kelda and Bella. Deeper research showed that Kelda was the best choice. An interesting detail in this process was the way in which market research was conducted. Arla Foods approached test groups with questions such as "Does this word feel hot or cold?", "Do you think fresh or classic when you see this name?" instead of the usual “What do you think of the name?” Of course, Kelda's success can have many causes, but one of them is the very distinct and strong name. It must be emphasized that the character of the name is appropriate for a brand extension such as the one we have seen for this brand.

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