Naming, strategy and implementation support.

Skriptor Zigila is the strategic naming partner of Signify, the world leader in lighting (formally Philips Lighting). In this role we are responsible for the global implementation of the verbal brand strategy and  support the teams via a Naming Desk on naming strategy and brand portfolio development, and provide name creation for new products and services.

This name was created for the IoT lighting platform, a portfolio of software applications for the IoT that delivers data-driven insights and services. A global independent brand offering solutions across in all industries. 

Connectivity is all about interaction and it was very fortunate the preferred name survived Global legal clearance. The name Interact was developed in close co-operation with the visionary Signify team. The creative process including, internal decision making support, was finalized in 6 weeks.

Skriptor Zigila still supports the evolving brand architecture and naming, as new functionalities and applications are introduced regularly.

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