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We are very proud to present a selection of brands that we created together with our wonderful clients.

These example cases reflect our passion for effective and impactful branding. Most have been developed for well-known companies. However, our portfolio also includes a great number of small and medium sized businesses. New propositions, mergers and start-ups in every industry, profit and non-profit. Size doesn’t matter.

Great names enabling greater brands.


Pharma: Pradaxa

The pharma product PRADAXA (generic name: dabigatran exetilate) is an anticoagulant from Boehringer Ingelheim. It has received much attention because of the very good treatment results achieved. For people with atrial fibrillation, it is the first competitor to the controversial and complex warfarin. PRADAXA is also is likely to be marketed for stroke prevention, hopefully in the near future. It was approved by EMEA for some indications in March 2008. We were engaged by Boehringer Ingelheim in this project in 2001.

The name is a good example of a purely “invented” name with no known references to the disease, the generic name or any dictionary word, but still distinctive and easily pronounceable in all important languages. Invented names or names with only a highly hidden connotation have been more frequently used as trademarks for pharmaceuticals after the millennium, mainly due to the increased complexity to find names in class 5, but also due to the advanced and complex requirements from regulatory organisations, such as FDA and EMEA.


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Three large Dutch cable operators merged with a single objective: market leadership in the Netherlands. They were looking for a new brand name that was distinctive from all other providers: distinctive, dynamic, powerful, and contemporary.

Of course it was very important that the URL was available and that the brand name could be legally protected. The creative process, in which all merging parties were present, was completed in three weeks. In the following years, we set up the naming architecture and guidelines, internal procedures and responsibilities and training courses. Ultimately, the brand name survived the takeover by UPC and the merger with Vodafone. Ziggo’s goal has therefore been fully achieved.



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FMCG: Absolut Kurant

When an addition to the Absolut family was expected, Vin & Sprit (Swedish Wine & Spirits Corporation) had to solve a linguistic problem. The new sub brand name: Absolut Kurant had to be different from the existing versions; Absolut Peppar and Absolut Citron. Swedish words with a special, somewhat exotic feel, but still recognizable to the International, mainly English speaking, target group.

But with the company’s new flavor black currant (‘svartvinbär’ in Swedish), this approach didn’t seem to work. Linguistic evaluation in the US indicated that “Absolut Vinbär” produced strong and undesirable associations to ‘wine’ and ‘wine-bar’. The final result was Absolut Kurant, based on ‘black currant’ and the name proposal ‘Absolut Currant’. Linguistic evaluation in the US confirmed that the name had an exotic Scandinavian ring and positive associations to currant. Another plus was the fact that in Swedish ‘kurant’ can mean ‘fresh, healthy’ or ‘easily sold, in demand’.


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Finance: Klarna

Klarna is the brand name of the Nordic region’s leading provider of safe online payment solutions. Over 35 million people have used their services through more than 45.000 e-stores, in 7 countries.  

The naming process was very vivid. Interestingly enough, the name was not among the favourite choices at the early start. There is a tendency to choose English sounding names in the IT/banking business area. The strategy evolved due to the demand for a free internet domain, and a more distinctive brand name.  The naming project team started to lean towards a Swedish brand name instead.

The very nice meaning “clear, become clear, brighten up” was the decisive argument to select the simple, yet distinctive and powerful name Klarna.

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Electronics: OPPO

BBK, one of the leading Chinese Electronics companies, initially aimed to introduce a new Global electronic brand initially for DVD’s and Blue Ray players. The fast-developing mobile market provided growth opportunities that shifted the focus to this segment. The brand name OPPO appeared to be a perfect fit for the new younger brand proposition.

The brand needed to be truly Global, resonating with young target groups in many countries with a worldwide trademark and a free URL (.com).

In an interactive process of less than 3 weeks the name OPPO was developed. This project was conducted in close co-operation with the International design agency Studio Dumbar.

The name itself has no meaning, but the word brand is in perfect balance, reflecting important values of the brand: harmony and equality. It is a distinctive and accessible name that can be easily pronounced and remembered in all language areas.

With success, in 2016 OPPO became the no. 4 smart phone brand in the world, after Samsung, Apple and Huawei.


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Pharma: Yasmin

YASMIN is the pharma name of a birth control pill from Bayer. It’s a low-dose combination pill.  The inspiration for the pharma brand name Yasmin came from keywords such as “balance”, “natural”, “comfort”. The name is soft and feminine, with many of these positive associations. Today, the brand name is registered around the world and the product is used by women in around 50 countries worldwide.


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FMCG: Heineken Beertender

Heineken Breweries developed a unique beer tap system, Heineken Beertender, in co-operation with Krups, which allows customers to enjoy a freshly tapped beer in the comfort of their own home. This innovation, revolutionary for its time, would be marketed in multiple markets in Europe, which makes finding a strong brand name that universally works, and can be trademarked in the overcrowded beverages class, a significant challenge.

The name needed to be aspiring and International, providing a logical platform on which to explain this new proposition. With legal protection in the key markets in Europe and the US, and free of any negative connotations.

Sometimes the best solution is so obvious that it is easily missed. Bartender is universally known, but Beertender didn’t exist yet: the bartender at home. The brand name met all conditions and has proved to be a very powerful communication platform that enabled Heineken to meet its objectives.


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Corporate: Cimpress

In 2014 Vistaprint N.V., the world leader in mass customization, acknowledged the need to restructure its branding strategy in a way that actively supported its ambitious growth objectives. We assisted in their transformation and developed their new brand name: Cimpress.

In the first part of the process, in which the entire board actively participated, the definitive branding strategy was finalized: a new overarching corporate identity would be developed, independent of the growing number of customer facing brands in numerous segments and markets.

In two interactive naming workshops the brand name Cimpress was developed. It relates to the key activity of the company (Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Printing) and to the benefit to its many customers: creating products that impress.

The company is listed at the NASDAQ (CMPR) and has grown to an annual revenue of 1,8 BLN USD in 2016.


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Pharma: Crestor

CRESTOR (generic name: rosuvastatin) from AstraZeneca is used to treat high cholesterol and related conditions. Today, the name, as well as the product itself, is approved in 154 countries worldwide and is one of the most important products in AstraZeneca´s pharmaceutical portfolio.

The name was developed in 1999 and is a bit typical for pharmaceutical names in the 90’s, formed to be intensively branded not only towards medical specialists but also towards patients. An earlier tradition had been to try to find names like ATACAND or NAROPIN, which we created. These names were inspired by some parts of the generic names e.g. candesartan for ATACAND. In several meetings with AstraZeneca’s marketing and legal teams, we aligned the strategy to match the existing names in the portfolio, like Zestril. The core creative route was based on English dictionary names (like zest). CRESTOR was the result. It was approved by the FDA in 2003, and is now in worldwide use.


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Philips Lighting: Philips CityTouch

We are a strategic partner of Philips Lighting and responsible for the global implementation of the verbal brand strategy. In this role, we manage the Naming Desk, advise on naming strategy and portfolio development, as well as provide creative support for many Philips Lighting naming projects.

Even before IoT became the hot item it is today, Philips developed a unique outdoor lighting management system with which the lighting networks of entire cities can be managed online. Connecting to each light point and the city as a whole.  The proposition is aimed at a global B2B target group and needs an inspiring, sustainable name, allowing optimal long-term expansion of the system.

The city at your fingertips – that is what the system enables, and that is exactly what the brand name communicates: CityTouch. It is currently developing fast, adding new applications and covering more and more cities across the Globe every day. Moreover, recently, the city of Los Angeles was added to this rapidly expanding list.

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