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Each case is unique and so is yours. Our services are therefore tailored to your needs and objectives. Together, we will assess what works best for you, taking into account the specifics of your strategy, and organization.

Our goal is to create the best end-result in the most efficient way. A no-brainer, but important to note.

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Branding Strategy

Your branding strategy should be clear. Think of a compass; where do you want to go? Skriptor Zigila will help you in an interactive project to reach your destination. By structuring your portfolio and setting up internal management processes, the results will give life to your brand:

  • Impactful and efficient communication
  • Clear navigation
  • Effective differentiation from other competitors
  • Increased brand value
  • Brand protection
  • Management efficiency

A proper branding strategy gives your brand an edge over the rest.

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Brand Naming

Brand naming is how you distinguish yourself, as the name represents the foundation of your brand, and your most long-term marketing tool.

As a naming agency, we know brand naming like the back of our hand. Together with your input, we challenge ideas and concepts and develop them to enable your brands full potential. Strong and powerful names are found by playing around and exploring unknown territory, making it an inspiring and fun process.

Skriptor Zigila has been in the naming business for 30 years, and we have a pretty impressive list of projects, thanks to our creative team being multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and experienced in the field.

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Pharma Naming

The road for an accepted trademark in pharma naming is long and complicated. Existing trademarks, regulations, and regulatory authorities will provide many challenges along the way. Every step is therefore carefully considered and examined properly to minimize any potential threat in this demanding industry. From legal and regulatory restrictions, to being recognized by the target groups, to safety clearance.

Experienced International Team

It goes without saying that every pharma project is taken care of by naming professionals with years of pharma experience. Skriptor Zigila has in-depth understanding of the pharma industry, naming pharmaceuticals like Crestor, Pradaxa, Instanyl, Yasmin, and many more, since the 80s. And for clients such as: Roche, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, Novartis, and many more.

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Digital Naming

In an era of always being online, digital naming becomes a decisive factor for any brand to succeed. Skriptor Zigila helps you structure key solutions to distinguish yourself successfully and create clear strategies for your brand to rise and differentiate itself accurately.

Claim that first spot. Appear on ‘App of the Day’. Be the brand they tweet about. You pick the destination.

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Start-Up Naming

We wouldn’t be a naming agency if we didn’t have any experience with start-up naming, right? While the budget of many start-ups is limited in the early phase of their existence, it should not be made harder than it already is to start building a brand. For this reason, we have set up special conditions for start-up projects. The Skriptor Zigila Amsterdam office offers a longer payment period, so you can have a proper start-up launch.

Free advice: Start-Up Friday!

Every first Friday of the month, Skriptor Zigila Amsterdam is available to give you free advice for your exciting journey. We will give you tailored feedback, based on our expertise and guide you through the importance of building strong brands from the get-go.

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Linguistic Screening

A linguistic screening could be your extra life. Just think of the times you have thought ‘that name means something totally different where I come from!’. There are many cool names in our name graveyard because of this. To make sure your name does not have any unwanted connotations, we provide two forms of linguistic screenings, by our own international network of trained native linguists:

Linguistic Evaluation:

  • A summary view and an indication of the appropriateness of the candidate names with respect to linguistic, and cultural aspects
  • Possible meanings, associations, and pronunciation problems are reported by a local linguist in each country in one separate report per name.
  • This service is suitable for checking one or very few candidates

Linguistic Review:

  • Information of any noteworthy characteristics of the listed names in relation to the linguistic environment of each country
  • The most obvious connotations and associations connected with the name proposals are reported
  • This service is most suitable for checking several name candidates
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Legal Research

Your brand should rest on a strong foundation. One of the pillars is the legal research, which should give you the freedom to operate unfettered, and protect your economic value. Thousands of trademarks are registered every day, and you can be sure that the more obvious choices have been thought of and are registered already. You should never assume that a name is free to use. Unpleasant, and sometimes very costly, surprises happen every day. 

With the right legal research, you can identify and prevent these risks. This will ensure that you do not infringe on existing trademarks, and that your brand can be registered as a trademark and be protected. We will integrate the legal screening step by step in every naming process. The set-up will be adapted to the client requirements and takes the client’s own legal resources into account.

Where necessary, we co-operate with top class International trade mark specialists best suited for your case. One of our trusted partners is Groth & Co, but we will gladly co-operate with the agency of your choice, and/or your internal legal team.

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Consumer Research

It can be relevant to check the chosen naming strategy with the target audience, through consumer research. In some cases, this is combined with a test of the entire concept. In other cases, it is done to identify the effects on the customer decision journey, which can give essential information for the architecture, and naming style.

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Brand Implementation

A brand and branding strategy is only as strong as its execution. Brands are living organisms that need continuous nourishment, direction, support, and control to achieve consistent growth.  Therefore, we have developed a holistic approach to branding management.

Our brand implementation services are:

  • Branding strategy
  • Portfolio architecture
  • Guideline development
  • Internal branding management process
  • Education/Training
  • Naming Desk

For identity design and on- and offline physical implementation, we co-operate with a selection of leading partners in their fields. We can select the agencies best suited to your case, and enable seamless integration of the processes.

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