June 16, 2022


We love innovation! This is what drives society forward and makes the future a little easier. Therefore, when Sobi contacted us to be the provider of naming and Groth as the trademark agency for their up-and-coming technology, we became extra curious about what it was all about. In drug assignments, you can expect a stripped-down brief – only the most necessary is included and sometimes you stand there and long for more to go on. Such is the pharmaceutical industry, and quite understandably also when it comes to sensitive information and innovative innovation.

In this project, Sobi worked with a technology based on zeolite, a group of aqueous, crystalline aluminosilicates, to use the mineral to change the pH of injectable solutions. Our task was to name that technology. A maximum of 7 letters and in addition to the clear connection to zeolite, the name had also to reflect ‘anti-pain’, ‘quality of life’, ‘neutral’ and ‘pH-shift’. It took a great deal of commitment to clear among the proposed ideas. The long list was extensive, and sacrifices had to be made for the selection list. The choice of name finally fell on Zeoject and was appreciated not only internally, but also by several of our language reviewers around the world – “Clear characteristics, yet unique”, “Sounds professional”.

As in many other assignments, Groth was responsible for legal checks in relevant trademark classes and then trademark registration. Customers usually appreciate when all parts can be offered under one roof. We are happy that everyone involved did a fantastic job and that the project could reach the intended destination.

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