June 16, 2022


A new name for a promising cryptocurrency

In close co-operation with team, we developed the new name for this cryptocurrency. It is built on scalable DAG (Directed Acilyic Graph). Without blocks (unlike standard block chain currencies like Bitcoin), enabling almost instant transactions

After careful consideration our clients concluded that they were limited by their current name: ByteBall. Changing an existing brand is always very difficult as you are replacing an emotional brand with a new word, lacking the same emotional attachment.

Naming process

In two workshops we fine tuned the briefing and discussed over 100 alternatives. This lead to a short list of 5 with one clear favorite: Obyte.

Simple, pure and relevant to the proposition, a closed circle with absolute certainty about the transactions.

After research no linguistic issues were detected in the most important markets.

For more information on the re-branding process, please read the experience of the client.

If you are looking for naming advice, please contact us for more info.

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