June 16, 2022


Sometimes, you just outgrow your clothes. It’s possible, and it happens, for different reasons. For Studentvikare, it was because of a bigger goal. They had the ambition to become the leading Ed-tech company by understanding the needs of  every educator. The company has already a working digital platform which makes it easy for pre-schools and schools to hire substitutes. The name Studentvikare, however, made it very diffucult to attract new people. Roughly translated to “Substituting students”, many believed that being a student was a requirement to substitute.

Therefore, we were contacted to find suitable name to realize the potential. The working group knew what they were looking for and together we understood the direction of this course. A new name that truly connects people with technology. Something that inspires educators to keep doing what they love and provide them with the tools necessary for them to inspire future generations.

HUMLY was the perfect match. Short, easy, and memorable. A name that can be used in Sweden, as well as for an international launch in the future. With Humly, every educator and aspiring educator can feel safe under one united service. After our work was done, Wilson Creative created a stunning design, with logo, website, and an overall creative touch to bring out the best of the brand. And just as they wanted — Humly is ‘more education, less hassle’.

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