June 16, 2022


Frizzana is finally here – perhaps the most sparkling Italian spumante of this winter. Its light, fruity and aromatic flavours are embraced by the beautiful bottle as a reflection of the vineyard’s terrace orchards.

Together with Hermansson & Co, a Swedish wine and spirits importer, we worked in two phases: the name creation part where Skriptor Zigila actively worked to find the right sound for this sparkling wine from Italy. With ‘authenticity’ and ‘fresh’ as keywords, countless amounts of names with different characteristics were created. As in many projects, there are always gold nuggets and Frizzana was one of the names that stood out early in the project. In the second phase, Groth & Co took the baton and led the project through a solidly executed trademark registration in relevant trademark classes and registers in order to finally reach the goal. An incredibly smooth and fun collaboration that engaged everyone involved a little extra.

You will find the product in Systembolaget’s order format.

Take the opportunity to read more about Frizzana here

Frizzana – Italian bubbles in a unique bottle for winter parties!

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