June 16, 2022


The employers’ association IDEA, and KFO are two established employers’ organizations, where both represent their members on the same issues and carry out similar assignments. To merge and form a new, common employers’ organization to better represent cooperatives and value-driven companies, idea-driven welfare actors and civil society organizations was, therefore, a fantastic idea that also became a reality on January 1, 2021. The ambition of the merger was to increase membership benefits with a broader service and service offerings.

The name issue came up early in the work on the merger. There were points in keeping both names, but the choice fell on switching to something completely new. A new name for a new organization contributes to a fresh start, even though the ancestry dates to 1943.

The working group was clear that the name should breathe ambition, activity, and action. There are many examples of the anglicisation of names of organizations and companies, but it can be difficult to build a connection to a foreign name for a Swedish employers’ organization. The creative vision finally rhymed right when an Old Norse name appeared on the radar – a word that existed before we could even write Swedish: Fremia. With the meaning “to perform and to carry out an errand” in Old Gutnica on Gotland in the 10th century, the choice fell on Fremia. It is loaded with many positive meanings such as favour, benefit, facilitate, help, contribute to, etcetera. The list of synonyms can be made long.

As we always say in Skriptor Zigila: Instead of saying what you do, the name should say who you are. Fremia knows who they are and what they stand for. And now it is time to let the world hear about the name Fremia.

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