June 16, 2022


Earlier this year, all our focus was on working with Bayoocare to come up with a fitting name for their new menstruation app. An app designed to quantify how much blood you really lose during your period. Although the project group was unsure about the stylistic elements and suitable words for the upcoming product, they knew from the get-go what they were looking for. It was one of those abstract feelings when you just know but are not there yet. Therefore, we sat down and brainstormed to be able to create names with potential for this specific project. The premise was independency, seriousness, and trustworthiness. There should be absolutely no doubts about efficiency and reliability when it comes to health and wellness.

The group spotted FlowCyclo on the long list of names. They could finally relax when the linguistics evaluations and legal screenings were promising. Six months later, it is now available on Google Play and App Store in Germany, free of charge.

Visit FlowCyclo to learn more.

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