June 16, 2022


Introducing Startup Friday!

Are you sure you have a killer name for your concept? Did you consider all conditions necessary to build a strong brand?  Do you need guidance on how to find the right brand name?

Startups are in need of many things with limited resources. A great brand name is one of them, as well as an effective brand architecture. This is not an easy task. Finding a name that stands out, with a free URL, getting everybody aligned, claiming the trademark. It is your most long term marketing tool, even more so in this digital age. An important strategic choice.

At Skriptor Zigila we believe that every concept deserves the best possible branding solution. For over 25 years we have been fortunate to work with companies in every industry in a field that we know everything about and love. Time for us to give back and support new entrepreneurs in their branding efforts. Free of charge, no strings attached and fully confidential, of course.

Advice on branding strategy and brand name proposals

Every first Friday of the month the entire Skriptor Zigila Team in Amsterdam is available to advice startup teams. We will provide input and feedback tailored to the specifics of your case on the following topics:

  • Strategy and brand architecture
  • Online strategy
  • Second opinion on your name
  • Strategic and creative directions for naming
  • The descriptor and/or tagline
  • Legal and possible linguistic conditions
  • Implementation

And any other aspects that may come up in this context.

You should leave us inspired, with the confidence you know all you need to find the best possible naming solution: effective, sustainable and loved by your team and your target group.

Contact us for a personal meeting

Please contact us to plan a personal meeting or telcon at the next Startup Friday! Everyone is welcome but European Startups go first.

Joachim ter Haar (Joachim@skriptorzigila.com)

Or give us a call: + 31 20 8200970

For accelerator and incubator programs we provide a Startup Friday! On location, with a central workshop on Naming, followed by individual advice to the teams.

The future is yours. We are looking forward to it.


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