September 12, 2023

Arphio - Rare but Not Alone

In a positive and uplifting project, Skriptor Zigila worked with Adalvo and SK Pharma for their new joint venture. The two global pharmaceutical companies developed a plan for their vision to create a new exciting entity and we were contacted to explore naming options. The joint venture would be niche, specializing in orphan drugs for people suffering from very rare diseases who otherwise could not get access to remedy, due to different reasons, one of them being the cost. We began exploring the possibility to merge the two existing names into one. While it rendered some interesting results, the project quickly found its own voice, leading to a change of direction. The mixture of the element ‘orphan’, ‘fidelity’, and ‘trustworthiness’ was spot on, and after someinternal tinkering, ARPHIO was created as a result. The right name for the journey to improve patient access to vital treatments for rare diseases.

Visit their website here.

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