Heineken Breweries developed a unique beer tap system, Heineken Beertender, in co-operation with Krups, which allowed customers to enjoy a freshly tapped beer in the comfort of their own home. This innovation, revolutionary for its time, would be marketed in multiple markets in Europe, which makes finding a strong brand name that universally works and can be trademarked in the overcrowded beverages class, a significant challenge.

The name needed to be aspiring and International, providing a logical platform on which to explain this new proposition. With legal protection in the key markets in Europe and the US, and free of any negative connotations.

Sometimes the best solution is so obvious that it is easily missed. Bartender is universally known, but Beertender didn’t exist yet: the bartender at home. The brand name met all conditions and has proved to be a very powerful communication platform that enabled Heineken to meet its objectives.

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