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Each case is unique and so is yours.  Our services are therefore tailored to your needs and objectives. Together we will assess what works best for you, taking into account the specifics of your strategy, and organization. Our goal is to create the most effective end result in the most efficient way. A no-brainer, but nevertheless important to note.

We will provide complete transparency up front about the project set up and budget. In most cases, we will work for a fixed fee.

Being specialists in our field, we will gladly partner with professionels in other fields to ensure the best possible results. This means we also manage, or participate in, full branding projects including brand strategy, positioning, design, and implementation.

Please, find our services listed below.

Branding Strategy Naming Pharma Naming Online Naming Linguistic Research Legal Research Consumer Research Brand Implementation

Branding Strategy

Do you need advice on your basic brand structure, branding strategy or on a highly complex portfolio puzzle in which many different propositions interact? It doesn’t matter. We strongly believe that every brand should have an architecture and naming strategy that supports its business objectives in the best possible way. Not just today and tomorrow, but for as long as you are planning to be in business. It is your most long term marketing tool.

In an interactive project we will shape your branding strategy and architecture,  structurally organize your brand portfolio and set up internal management processes. The result will immediately support:

  • Impactful and efficient communication
  • Clear navigation
  • Effective differentiation, from competition and within a portfolio
  • Brand value creation, concentrating it on the right places, creating maximal leverage
  • Brand protection
  • Management efficiency

These fundamental building blocks will strengthen your brand and allow it to grow to its full potential.

A brand portfolio is a living thing and always in development. To stay on course we advise to actively manage it by an implementation framework  that can support, control and fine tune the strategy. 

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The name represents the foundation of your brand – and your most long-term marketing tool. We are experts in naming brands, and can provide you with a unique identity that inspires and enables long-term growth.

The name has to communicate the proposition well, be suitable for the long term, be free from unwanted connotations, be legally available and often a free URL is desired as well. Quite a few things to take into account. Each case is unique and requires tailored attention and craftsmanship. In an interactive process we will develop powerful naming solutions that work: effective, sustainable, and trusted by you. This journey is one of close co-operation and inspiration, creating support on every level, and assuring you in your choice.

Our international team of expert consultants and creatives will develop many name candidates that explore the options of your case. Together we will select the most inspiring routes, develop them fully, challenge and screen the shortlists and in the end create the best possible solution.

The process is fun, interactive and can be started up and concluded swiftly if necessary. We work for a fixed fee and will be by your side from start to finish. Please share your case with us, no strings attached. We will be more than glad to offer you initial guidance.

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Pharma Naming

The road to come to an accepted trademark in Pharma naming is long, and complicated. Existing trademarks, regulations, and regulatory authorities will provide many challenges along the way.

Our key success factor is that our International Team pays equal attention to every hurdle in the trademark development process: sound strategy, world class creation, focused legal, and linguistic research, and the essential safety clearance.

Our diverse creative team is multi-lingual and multi-cultural ensuring strong, distinctive name cadidates with a higher chance of clearance.

The results should be distinctive, safe, and trademarkable. A complex task due to the many legal and regulatory restrictions. We will integrate these aspects in the name development process, and work closely with you to shape a solid long list for in depth legal and safety screening.

All with the sole objective to help you develop powerful new pharma brand names, recognized by all target groups:  physicians and pharmacists, patients, and care takers, on 3-4 continents or more, speaking 50 to 100 different languages.

We have in-depth understanding of this demanding industry, naming pharmaceuticals since the mid 1980s, for clients such as: Roche, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Nycomed, Sanofi, Grünenthal, and many more.

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Online Naming

The key question: how can your branding strategy help you claim your place in this digital age?  New ways of communication and distribution, with new services and applications. New rules and conditions, developing at the speed of light. Endless opportunities. We can help you find your way by setting up the solutions to the following issues:

  • URL availability and strategy
  • Online naming strategy: how can your naming and messaging help you stand out? What are the consequences in social media and search engines?
  • App naming strategy: which technical requirements apply? How to differentiate? What other elements to take into account?

Remember that no project is too big, or too small. You pick the destination.

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Linguistic Research

A linguistic issue can be a decisive hurdle for brand names. Too many companies have experienced unfortunate choices in this field. To make sure your name does not have any unwanted connotations, we provide the two forms of linguistic screenings, by our own international network of local certified researchers:

Linguistic Check

  • A summary view and an indication of the appropriateness of the candidate names with respect to linguistic, and cultural aspects
  • Possible meanings, associations and pronunciation problems are reported by a local linguist in each country in one separate report per name
  • This service is suitable for checking one or very few name candidates

Linguistic Review

  • Information of any noteworthy characteristics of the listed names in relation to the linguistic environment of each country
  • The most obvious reactions and associations connected with the name proposals are reported
  • This service is most suitable for checking several name candidates
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Legal Research

Your brand should rest on a strong foundation. One of the pillars is the legal research, a trademark, which should provide you the freedom to operate and protect the economic value you are building. Thousands of trademarks are registered every day, and you can be sure that the more obvious choices have been thought of and registered before. Be careful not to assume too easily that a name is free for use. Unpleasant, and sometimes very costly, surprises happen every day. 

With the right legal research, you can identify and prevent these risks. This will ensure you do not infringe on existing trademarks, and that your brand can be registered as a trademark and sufficiently protected. We will integrate the legal screening step by step in every naming process, saving time, and budget. The set-up will be adapted to the client requirements and takes the client’s own legal resources into account.

Where necessary, we co-operate with top class International trade mark specialists best suited for your case. One of our trusted partners is Groth & Co, but will gladly co-operate with the agency of your choice.

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Consumer Research

In some cases, and certainly not in all, it can be relevant to check the chosen naming strategy with the target audience, through a consumer research. In some cases, this is combined with a test of the entire concept. In other cases, it is done to identify the effects on the customer decision journey, which can give essential information for the architecture, and naming style.

We will gladly co-ordinate this research, and support you in the set up and interpretation. This will ensure that your investments will be most effective.

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Brand Implementation

A brand and branding strategy is only as strong as its execution. Brands are living organisms that need continuous nourishment, direction, support, and control to achieve consistent growth. We have years of experience in brand implementation, and management in  support of some of the most complex Global brand portfolio’s. The unique knowledge and insights acquired has allowed us to develop a holistic approach to branding management. Effective, efficient, sustainable and manageable. That’s what it is all about. Let us know your case, and we may be able to help you with one of our services:

  • Branding strategy
  • Portfolio architecture
  • Guideline development
  • Internal branding management process
  • Education/Training
  • Naming Desk

For identity design and on- and offline physical implementation, we co-operate with a selection of leading partners in their fields. We can select the agencies best suited to your case, and enable seamless integration of the processes.

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