About Us

Three locations, multiple nationalities, different backgrounds, one fully integrated team of experts that share the same passion and enthusiasm for the creation of brands and satisfied clients. You know your proposition, and brand better than we ever will. We know everything there is to know about naming and branding strategy. Together we can create great solutions that will enable greater brands.

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How we work

We work with an interactive process in which all branding scenario’s and names are discussed and fine-tuned. This is set up in phases, supporting your decision making as we move forward and creating maximal buy in along the way.

Always in close co-operation with you, because we believe that great results can only be achieved together.

For each case a dedicated team of consultants and creatives is selected. This team works as one, regardless of the location.

We work swiftly and transparently, for a fixed fee, with full commitment till the end of the project.   

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Who we are

Skriptor Zigila is a merger between two European success stories. Skriptor (founded 1985) was the leading naming agency in Scandinavia and Zigila (founded 1992)  in the Benelux.

In 2017, we joined forces to become  Skriptor Zigila, the leading European Naming Company, with offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Atlanta (USA).

We believe that brands should have names that enable their full potential.

Brand names that work, now and in the future.

With deep insight, world class creativity, passion and experience, we create powerful naming solutions and brand portfolios.

For local, regional, and global markets, in every industry.

Great Names, Greater Brands.

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Our values

We know everything about naming.
We grow and share our knowledge.

We deliver solutions that enable full potential.
We strive for enthusiastic clients.

We know what is happening.
We act.

We listen and care.
We co-operate.

We are open and to the point.
We share our passions.
We enjoy.
We live our values.

You can hold us accountable.

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The Team

Let us introduce our core team. It is supported by a fantastic pool of international freelancers that enable us act swiftly when necessary.

Interested in joining us? Smart, ambitious and fun people with a passion for brands are always welcome. 

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